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Shanghai Drawing Technology Co., Ltd.established in 2013, by a group of security expertise, experienced technology team composition.Focus on the field of security and the image processing as the core,Insist on independent innovation and research and development. it provides product development, manufacturing, ODM and OEM services for the security, smart home, video conferencing and other industries.

Shanghai Drawing Technology Co., Ltd. has HD network camera, HD network camera module and HD high-speed dome camera, monitoring and Network Security Manage Platform and other products. Among them, the software project covers the embedded bottom layer, middleware platform, database development, streaming media transmission, including C/S and B/S, etc., suitable for Linux and Windows system platform, Software R & D team accounted for more than 70% of the total. Shanghai Drawing Technology Co., Ltd.with companies Toshiba,Ambarella and other companies with technical cooperation.

Shanghai Drawing Technology Co., Ltd. products are widely used in the field of security technology to security monitoring, smart home, TV conference and other fields, the project involves urban transportation, financial banks, education schools, retail stores, housing area and other security system, to create a peaceful, harmonious society to show the infinite charm of products.

Shanghai Drawing Technology Co., Ltd. adhering to the "professional, honest, carefully designed" business philosophy, for the majority of users to provide professional, advanced, and stable security monitoring products.